In this article, we will see various scenarios in which we need to rewrite git history and how to accomplish it. I will be using my Github repository to show all the commands.

Word of caution: Rewriting history is cool if the changes you made are local. But if your changes are already pushed to the remote branch then you should be careful as other developers may be working on your branch. Do not forget to notify them before pushing your changes.


In the article, we will see how to implement GraphQL with core and entity framework.


GraphQL is an API design architecture just like the REST. It’s a query language for API that means it lets the client using the API to query the data as per their need and requirement.

Client 🗣 : I just want the name and height of the hero.

Server 🗣 : You got it.

Client 🗣 : I think, I want mass also. …

If you are reading this you are already using Asp.Net Core and the Startup file is your go-to place to register dependencies, setting up third-party dependencies, and configure your app behavior.

One file and so many responsibilities 🤔

Startup file juggling with so many responsibilities

If your Startup file contains more than 100 lines of code then you really need to think it through and make it leaner and cleaner.

Why should I care?

  • First of all, it is harder to read and maintain lengthy files
  • It's not very organized and it is tough to find related things
  • With time and increase in the code base, the startup file becomes the…

Tips and tricks to personalize your dev tools and make them unique.

Programming is love and coding is life if you think that too, then this article is for you.

Every developer spends most of their time with their favorite dev tools like VS Code, Visual Studio, Git, Terminals, Consoles, etc. What if, you could customize these tools to highlight your personality, what if you could give your dev tools a personal touch. What if your dev tools look different from others and they make you stand out from the crowd. …

In this article, we will see how we can deploy .Net Core Apps to Heroku for free using docker.

As a developer, we love to do some side projects and sometimes we want to show it to our fellow coders or the rest of the world. In most cases, we run it locally and show it to our friends but what if we want to deploy it to the cloud, then we need some paid cloud services like Azure or AWS. …


Recently, I was working on an interesting but very common problem in my project that motivated me to write this article.

The problem was like that, I had a re-usable data-table dumb component that I wanted to share across my app & the requirement was to make it configurable from its parent component. That is the parents can configure its rows’ template and decide what the HTML of each cell should look like. It turned out angular being an awesome framework, already provides us the right tools using which we can easily solve such types of problems.

What were the…

In this article, we will see the curious case of Authentication and Authorization using the Identity Server. We will touch upon the fancy terms like OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. My goal through this article is to guide you all the messy process we have to go through while implementing the authentication and authorization. I will try my best to explain things in plain English.

What the heck is OAuth 2.0?

OAuth 2.0 is an authorization protocol that allows a user to grant 3rd party apps access to the user’s resources without actually revealing the user’s identity or credentials. …

Creating enums to specify some type or category is very common in our day to day programming.

  • A user can be premium, standard, or normal.
  • Course material can be for beginners, intermediates, or experts.
  • Order can be pre-paid or cash-on-delivery.
  • Fixed deposits can be tax-saving, standard, or recurring.
  • A theme can be dark or light.

There are tons of examples and use-cases out there where we need to create enums while designing our system or models. Creating enums is very simple & fast and in no time you can express your business logic.

Well, using enums is so simple then…

For years, SQL kept on haunting 😨 me, and frankly speaking, it still does 😅. I hate writing SQL queries and procedures but being a full-stack developer means you may have to work on SQL no matter how hard you try to escape it. It is so frustrating that it feels the cooking food that you don’t even like. So I thought, let’s find a way around it and prepare some go to SQL commands & queries that I can visit any time in the hour of need. And that inspired me to write this article. …

I’ve been exploring React and messing around its various features these past few days. And when I came across its amazing concepts known as ‘Hooks’ ⚛ it certainly caught all my attention and made me explore and dig more and more about it.

Component = User Interface 💻

Hooks = Business Logic 💼 🔨

If I have to give a summarize list to explain Why React hooks are so powerful, then I would definitely go something like this:-

  • It embraces functional programming
  • Free us from unnecessary third-party 📦 libraries
  • Cleans UI Components
  • Free us from prop drilling among nested components

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